This is where documentation of the visual journey over 8 months will be recorded.
Whanaungatanga: conversations with local community members, sharing stories and history. The purpose is to establish ties with the community prior to installation.

21/04/21 Video documentation - Courtenay Place

Te Aorūrū - The Sheltered Light.

The purpose of this work was to introduce myself to the area and visit the site of Te Aro Pā. I was unable to arrange access on this day. I would like to find out more of the history of Te Aro Pā. 

The clip shows the light under the trees beside the lightboxes and walking up the road past St James Theatre.



21/04/21 video files digitally woven together to create the still image for the lightbox. The atmosphere is loud and chaotic within the square, that same energy is present within the digital weaving.

I am always interested to see what will happen when weaving the imagery together. The pattern work has an almost animated quality which I find comforting. It's fitting that this work should be a weaving to depict the sheltered light (See image below).

TE AORŪRŪ - The Sheltered Light

Te Aorūrū

Example of the final digital weaving.


The final weavings will not be added to this page until the time of the exhibition. 

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