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In 2015 the Positive by Nature futures project started with the idea and design of a self sustaining 'Papa Kāinga' or 'Turangawaewae' home base, that was based in mātauranga Māori and utilising todays technology to research and develop beneficial living communities.  

Mātauranga Māori.


The core principle being kaitiakitanga, following our Tupuna/ ancestors methods of working seasonally in tune with nature.

Cultivating communities and city living based on a model of beneficial wellbeing, that is available to all.

Achieving this by actively connecting back to the environment through the production of food, health products, textiles & materials. The acknowledgement of the natural becomes a part of the daily routine.

Carbon Zero + Net Positive Buildings.


Renewable Energy Sources.

  • Wind

  • Water

  • Solar


Increased availability of variable renewable energy sources. 

Water care + management.

The protection of our Puna/ water springs, in order to maintain health giving properties for the human body, drinking water needs to come straight from the source.


New Zealand Native Tree Bank.

NZ native trees collection, seeds & plants for a future regenerative forest projects.

Focussing on regenerating Pā Harakeke and the knowledge of our Tupuna weavers to regenerate our connection to the land. 

Designing packages of NZ native trees and plants that will encourage the natural restoration of flora + fauna.

Welcoming back our native birds to the dawn chorus. 

Rongoa Māori Medicine +

Historically our elders took tonics made from native plants, achieving the same outcome by integrating native plants back into the daily dietary intake. 

Food Security.

Food forests: Organic vegetables, heirloom varieties - fruit + herbs.

To be integrated with the growing of native plants and trees. 

Fresh food markets available daily as a community gathering place. 

Bee Hives.

Organic, raw & wild honey.

Across cities and rural communities respect and care of wild life, generating knowledge, connection + collaboration.

Flax Products.

Grow and produce organic, sustainable NZ Native + European flax

Growing European Flax & NZ native flax Harakeke/korari.

Both plants have many traditional uses & both are beneficial to the soil.

New technology is developing daily using flax fibres as plastic alternatives.

Natural Health & Beauty.

Onsite research, development and processing of beneficial plant health and beauty products from NZ native plants.​​​​

Workshops + Practical Education.

  • Building non toxic homes, using natural fibres & flax fibre composites.

  • Restorative & regenerative growing

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Natural Beauty therapy

  • The sharing of knowledge through access to Mātauranga Māori and connection with Kuia + Kaumatua on Marae.

Work shops based on the strategies listed above. Workshops for women + children, particularly single parents and children who have been through trauma. Focussing on reconnection to the land and seasons.​

ative flax fibres).

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