The Fog & Moon Design for Our Future Hapu Tree + Plant based Research & Agroecology through Agroforestry.

Designing and drawing visual pathways towards more organic and sustainable forest tree and plant products, strengthening local rural communities and economies. Future proofing to create healthy, self sustaining outer areas that are connected to urban spaces in a positive way through expansive and interconnected native forest 'highways'.
The pdf document illustrates the first part of the process, our goal is to start conversations about how these concepts could be implemented realistically. This design has been presented to and supported by the co leader of the NZ Green Party Marama Davidson, Massey University & Te Uriroroi, Te Parawhau, Te Mahurehure Ngapuhi.
Our work is also supported by WEGC Waitaha Executive Grandmothers Council, OANZ Organic Aotearoa NZ & The Textile Exchange NY, USA.
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The legislation in Aotearoa New Zealand so far:

Te Urewera was a National Park it is now an entity in its own right, the Iwi tribe Tuhoe valued as kaitiaki legal guardians.

Te Urewera Act 2014 & Tuhoe.

Working examples of empowering indigenous peoples and supporting their communities to find value in the knowledge of the NATIVE Forest Systems in their countries. Especially indigenous women as kaitiaki or caretakers. By doing this, the forests and communities are thriving, we believe this is also possible in New Zealand.