20|21 NEW WORK



The short film will be showing at Te Tuhi during the exhibition 'A Very Different World' curated by Ngahiraka Mason.

A Very Different World is a platform to focus on wellbeing and a much-needed glimmer of hope for the future. Who is not seeking a breath of fresh air? Sparking this idea is a belief in a second chance for humanity. Innovative and revolutionary ideas are often born out of dire conditions and humanitarian issues. If creative ideas are the lifeblood of artists, Covid-19 points us to untold opportunities to express forbearance. Experience changes up everything. Offering this direction is a cadre of intergenerational artists from Aotearoa New Zealand, Tonga, Canada, and Hawaiʻi, with striking photography and painting, never-before-seen sculpture, textiles, ceramic, film, and an interactive installation.


14 February - 19 May 2021

Film Title: ‘Come for a Walk’

Media: HD Video & Sound

Duration: 5:31mins

Producer/ Director/ Concept/ Camera/ Editor: Tanya Te Miringa Te Rorarangi Ruka (Ngati Pakau, Ngapuhi, Waitaha)

Cast: Jane Mihingarangi Ruka (Ngati Pakau, Ngapuhi, Waitaha)

Assistant: Jade Hinepounamu Tawhiri Ruka (Ngati Pakau, Ngapuhi, Waitaha).


Filmed 2 days before the Level 4 COVID19 Lockdown in Aotearoa NZ. This film takes us on a walk with Grandmother Jane Mihingarangi Ruka. She sings an impromptu karakia or prayer, asking Tangaroa (God of the Sea) and Tawhirimatea (God of the Wind) to help carry the message of hope across the ocean to global friends and family to support and comfort.



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Collab with Open Homes Artist Charles Buenconsejo 

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 8.07.43 PM.png

‘Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran | Kia matapopore te Taiao’

Collaboration Charles Buenconsejo & Tanya Ruka

HD video split screen


12:00 min


‘Kia matapopore te Taiao’


“Our societies are intimately linked with and depend on biodiversity. Biodiversity is essential for people, including through its provision of nutritious food, clean water, medicines, and protection from extreme events. Biodiversity loss and the degradation of its contributions to people jeopardize progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and human wellbeing. The evidence of these connections is clear” – United Nations Summit on Biodiversity.


According to the United Nations, countries around the world should help to alleviate the consequences of climate change by increasing biodiversity. This work forewarns of a landscape blocked and covered by building materials. During her stay on the Westcoast in Muriwai, Tanya was concerned by the growing acreage of landscape that was being cleared for new housing developments. The Rimutaka ranges are blocked from view by scaffolding and builder’s plastic. The wind provides a glimpse of sunrise and the slow release of potential hope within the unfolding video imagery of the neighbouring work by Charles.

All Goods Art Space

Exhibition opening: 20th June 2021