Using paint, drawing materials, HD video, photography and sound landscape imagery. Tanya’s installations weave projected light and sound, visually illustrating the ancient Māori concepts and practices of kaitiakitanga (stewardship), tiikanga (correct procedure) & wairuatanga (spirituality), to flow through, enhance and compliment new ideas in design, science and technology. By investigating whole systems theory, Tanya seeks a reconnection to nature and the knowledge of her tūpuna ancestors with a focus on greater positive affects for the environment.


Tanya is currently planning an architectural installation using organically and sustainably grown linen fibres as a built structure. Through applied doctoral research she intends to grow flax fibres developing bio composite materials to create a 3 dimensional architectural 'canvas'.

The installation will provide a space to walk through, interact with and view projected works, to create an experiential and meditative space, built from the realm and protective cocoon of plants and nature, while remaining an architectural space. The future potential for a live and/or work space providing a healthy alternative within built environments.


Will the space carry forward the inherent connection to nature that the human subconscious mind and body needs within the urban construct? 

(*Installation images: some exhibition opening night images courtesy Artsdiary)