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Using landscape HD video, photography and sound ecology. Tanya’s installations weave projected light and sound, visually illustrating the ancient Māori concepts and practices of kaitiakitanga (stewardship), tiikanga (correct procedure) & wairuatanga (spirituality), to flow through, enhance and compliment new ideas in design, science and technology.


By investigating whole systems theory, Tanya seeks a reconnection to nature and the knowledge of her tūpuna ancestors towards net positive engagement with Te Taiao the natural world.


Over the past 5 years, she has been involved with the collaboratively designed reinvention of native plant fibre harakeke biocomposite materials with indigenous and non-indigenous engineers, textile experts, scientists, designers and growers.

Integration of this research inspires a prospective future installation that will provide a space to walk through, interact with and view indigenous knowledge and connective pathways. To create a VR/AR experiential and meditative space, built from the realm and protective cocoon of plants and nature. 


Can we experience again the intrinsic connection to nature that our ancestors once lived? 

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