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We are an Indigenous Family initiated ART + DESIGN Studio founded by artist & academic Tanya Ruka.


We work as an arts-based research studio focussing on Net Positive futures design. Our transportive style incorporates nature and natural elements into art and design.


Our work aims to illustrate practical pathways through a migratory storyline towards a net positive shift into partnership with the environment.


Drawing from our indigenous perspective, the focus of our attention is on Papatuanuku Mother Earth and nature as a partner. We believe in honouring our ancient knowledge and the deep inherent connection to it throughout our multimedia documentation process and kaupapa or methodology of research. Inspiration for our journey is drawn from navigational, cosmology and creation stories, our matauranga Māori knowledge & oral traditions. 

We collaborate with dedicated researchers, designers, artisans and craft-persons who also maintain this deep respect for the natural materials they work with, implementing a co-creative knowledge system with beneficial outcomes for people & place.


Fog & Moon Studio's future goal is to organically + collaboratively develop net+ materials and textiles with the unique, locally grown plant and tree fibres of Aotearoa, New Zealand.  

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