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Multi-media Artist.

An art practitioner for over 20 years, Tanya is a Māori Indigenous artist with a deep connection to indigenous ancestral navigational knowledge systems.


‘I nga wā o mua’ from times in front: thinking through Futures design with the ancestral tool for memorising - story. Science fiction/fact, fantasy, and allegory to open pathways of potential located within indigenous futurism, eco futurism and alter-native worlds - the multiverse.


The key element of her research is kaitiakitanga or stewardship and the inherent need for humans to have a connection to nature. How do we do this within urban and built environments? 


Tanya is exploring this innate relationship through Matauranga Māori ancestral migrational, seasonal & navigational knowledge, cosmology & creation stories.


Her multimedia work explores the connection between her tupuna ancestors and nga whenua, the land. The physical and nonphysical multi-dimensional layers of liminal space. An unseen veil that lies between the now and then, deepening her connection through Te Aho Tapu or the thread that binds us all. 

Tanya has developed a ritual of self-imposed tikanga/ correct procedures and kaupapa/ process methods. A specific rock on the horizon, a cave, a tree, the mouth of a river are significant connections to ancestral stories encoded within the genealogy of the landscape. The point of origin is nga whenua/ the land and her respect and appreciation of Te Taiao, Te Ao Māori, Nga Atua. 


Whanau Marama

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